About us

We market and distribute fast-moving consumer goods on the Romanian market. With a team of marketing, sales and distribution professionals, the company's positive results are demonstrated by the rise of brands like Grand Papa, Poieni and Vel Pitar that are present on store shelves across the country.

Marketing expertise

Our team of marketing experts has created the concept and image for more than 120 products, grouped under brands like Grand Papa, Poieni, Vel Pitar, Grâu Întreg or 4×4 Biscuiti de Teren. Our team’s competences are in areas such as market analysis, product development, brand conceptualization, but also promoting and placing brands on the Romanian market. Basically, whether the goal is to enter the market or the growth in a particular category, our marketing team brings the necessary tools to obtain profit, reputation and, ultimately, the success of our partners.

Sales performance

Negotiation skills, extensive network of contacts, perseverance and passion – these are some characteristics of our sales team at TerraBisco, thanks to which our partners have entrusted us the distribution of their products on the Romanian market. We have the ability to introduce, position and efficiently signalize the products on the shelves, both in all major international traders and in more than 15,000 stores in the traditional trade.

we have the logistics capabilites and the marketing & sales expertise to distribute them on the market.

we know very well the fast-moving consumer goods industry.

we have an extensive network of contacts and business partners.

we have solutions to attract and form loyal consumers.

we have tools for monitoring the market.

The brands we distribute:

Logo Poieni
Logo Vel Pitar